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Ultimate Fighting Championship
World Featherweight Title
[145lb/66kg limit]
(as of 2017/12/02)

José Aldo 2010/11/20
Has defeated Mike Brown on 09/11/18 in Las Vegas, NV for the WEC Title; recognized as the UFC champion after 10/11/20; Conor McGregor defeats Chad Mendes on 15/07/11 in Las Vegas, NV to become interim champion when Aldo can not defend the title due to rib injury.
Conor McGregor 2015/12/12 Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Aldo to become the undisputed champion; José Aldo defeats Frankie Edgar on 16/07/09 in Las Vegas, NV to become interim champion; vacates on 16/11/26 after McGregor wins the World Lightweight Title on 16/11/12.
José Aldo [2] 2016/11/26  
Promoted to undisputed champion; Max Holloway defeats Anthony Pettis on 16/12/10 in Toronto, ON to become interim champion.
Max Holloway 2017/06/03 Rio de Janeiro, BRA