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World Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title
(as of 2011/12/15)

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Bill Anderson1986/10/04Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Tinieblas to become first champion.
Tinieblas1987/01/31Los Angeles, CA
Super Halcon1987/08<Los Angeles, CA
Dos Caras
El Scorpio1990/09/19Naucalpan
Mil Mascaras1991/10/25Tijuana
Vacates? in 94.
Perro Aguayo1994/09/18Nuevo Laredo
Defeats Cien Caras.
Cien Caras1995<
Perro Aguayo [2]1995/10/04Aguascalientes
Perro Aguayo [3]1995/12/15Mexico City
Cobarde Jr.1997/06/27Tala, Jalisco
Mil Mascaras [2]1999<
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.2003/03/21Tijuana
Defeats Rey Misterio.

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