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Universal Wrestling Association
World Tag Team Title
(as of 2011/12/25)

[ 日本語 ]

Riki Choshu & Gran Hamada1982/08/01
Defeat Canek & Baby Face; vacant in 84; title inactive.
Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata1991/03/10Tokyo, JPN
Defeat Gran Hamada & Perro Aguayo.
Gran Hamada & Perro Aguayo1991/06/13Tokyo, JPN
Vacant on 92/01/15 when Aguayo wrestles for EMLL.
Gran Hamada & Kendo1992/01/19Tokyo, JPN
Defeat Brazo de Oro & Brazo de Plata.
Cowboys/Effectivos: Silver King & El Texano 1992/01/19Tokyo, JPN
Can-Am Connection: Dan Kroffat & Doug Furnas 1992/06/28Naucalpan
Villano IV & Villano V1992/11/08Naucalpan
Los Rayos Tapatios, Distrio Federal Tag Team champions, defend the title under UWA name around 2000 after UWA closes and Villanos do not defend the title; NOSAWA & MAZADA claim to have defeated Tapatios in 00/07 in Mexico (see El Dorado version); Vuelo Especial & El Endeivor defeat Tapatios on 01/03/11 in Oaxaca although it may be for the D.F. title; Villanos start defending the title again in 04<.
Emilio Charles Jr. & Scorpio Jr.2004/04/07Acapulco
Win the title from Villanos.
Villano IV & Villano V [2]2004/04/14Acapulco
Still hold title as of 11/12/25.

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