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Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F.
National Lightweight Title
(as of 2013/08/13)

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Jack O'Brien34/06/28
David Barragan and Dientes Hernandez meet in tournament final to determine the initial champion, but the match is suspended with no finish; O'Brien defeats Hernandez in the final of another tournament to become first champion.
Dientes Hernandez37/06/28Mexico City
Jack O'Brien [2]38/05/18Mexico City
Bobby Bonales40/05/05Mexico City
Dientes Hernandez [2]40/12/12Mexico City
Or 40/09/14.
Adolfo Bonales42/10/09Mexico City
Joe Silva43/05/30Mexico City
Raul Romero44/04/28Mexico City
Emilio Charles46/04/15Mexico City
Vacant in 48.
Joe Marin48/08/05
Black Shadow48/10/18Mexico City
Vacant in 54.
Juan Diaz57/03/30
Defeats Orquidea.
Mishima Ota57/07/17Mexicali
Vacates since Ota is not a Mexican.
Juan Diaz [2]58/05/17Mexico City
Defeats Jesus Garcia.
Ulises64/02/04Mexico City
Chanoc [2]64/06/12Acapulco
Rodolfo Ruiz65/01/13Mexico City
Alberto Muñoz65/08/07Mexico City
Or 65/11/03 in Guadalajara; vacates on 66/02/06 upon winning National Welteriweight Title.
Rolando Costa66/04/03El Cortijo
Defeats Raul Rojas in tournament final; or Costas and Rojas draw in the final on this day and meet in a rematch on 66/04/10 in Mexico City.
Raul Rojas66/05/01Mexico City
Raul Guerrero67/09/07Mexico City
Estrella Blanca68/08/20Mexico City
Rodolfo Ruiz [2]69/09/20Mexico City
Estrella Blanca [2]71/08/11Acapulco
Tauro [2]73/04/11Mexico City
Dardo Aguilar75/01/18Mexico City
Tauro [3]75/06/01Mexico City
Flama Azul76/10/30Mexico City
Americo Rocca77/04/10Monterrey
Flama Azul [2]77/07/01Acapulco
Mario Valenzuela77/09/21Acapulco
El Talisman78/08/30Acapulco
Rodolfo Ruiz [2]79/04/08Cuernavaca
Chamaco Velaguez80/06/12
Vacant on 82/02 upon leaving the weight division.
Aristotle82/05/02Mexico City
Defeats Negro Casas; vacant in 83/07 upon leaving the weight division.
Fuerza Guerrera83/11/06Mexico City
Defeats Aguila Venezolana in tournament final; vacant in 84/05 upon leaving the weight division.
El Modulo84/08/18Mexico City
Wins tournament.
Pegaso I85/03/17Mexico City
El Khalifa85/07/13Puebla
Guerrero Samurai84/04/16Mexico City
El Pantera II87/08/09Mexico City
Guerrero Samurai [2]88/02/06Xochimilco
Vacant on 90/11/24 when Guerrero Samurai dies in an auto accident.
Defeats Guerrero Samurai II; vacant in 93.
Damiancito98/05/07Guadalajara *
Defeats El Oriental; changes identity to Virus.
Ricky Marvin00/11/29Acapulco
Loco Max 01/12/03 Puebla
Vacates in 02/05 (or 2004?).
Pierrothito 08/09/23 Mexico City
Defeats Mascarita Dorada in tournament final; vacant on 13/07/25.
Eléctrico 13/08/13 Mexico City
Defeats Pequeño Nitro in tournament final.

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