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Comision de Box y Lucha Libre Mexico D.F.
National Featherweight Title

Luis Robles1938/02/25
Defeats Salvador Flores to become the first champion; vacant in 41 when Robles passes away.

Volio Negro1980/09/09Mexico City
Defeats Climax II.
Rocky Morton1981/08/15Mexico City
El Modulo1982/01/30Azteca
El Dandy1982/07/31Mexico City
Pequino Solin1983/01/22Queretaro
Vacates on 83/04/30 after winning UWA World Lightweight Title.
Negro Peralta1983/06/26Mexico City
Defeats Lasser.
Black Shadow Jr.1985/02/24Azteca
Rencor Latino1986/02/27Apatlaco
Vacant in 88.
El Corallilo1988/06/04San Lorenzo
Defeats Juicio.
Juicio1989/01/01San Lorenzo
Hiena Roja1990/05/12Azteca
Rayo de Oro1991/01/29Azteca
Vacant in 92.