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International Wrestling Revolution Group
Intercontinental Welterweight Title
(as of 2017/09/17)

Dr. Cerebro1998/03/01Naucalpan
Defeats Cima Nobunaga in tournament final to become the first champion.
Cima Nobunaga1998/12/13Naucalpan
Ultimo Vampiro1999/06/10Naucalpan
Dr. Cerebro [2]2000/05/11Naucalpan
Ciclon Ramirez2000/06/29Naucalpan
Dr. Cerebro [3]2000/08/13Naucalpan
Cerebro Negro2002/10/10Naucalpan
Vacant when Negro leaves the promotion.
Defeats Avisman I.
Cerebro Negro [2]2003/08/24
Avisman I2003/12/07
Cerebro Negro [3]2005/04/17Naucalpan
Avisman I [2]2005/04/24Naucalpan
Fantasma De La Ópera2006/02/05Naucalpan
Cerebro Negro [4]2007/02/24Naucalpan
Fantasma De La Ópera [2]2007/03/18Naucalpan
Black Terry2007/07/19Naucalpan
Cerebro Negro [5]2007/10/21Naucalpan
Fantasma De La Ópera [3]2007/11/01Naucalpan
Defeats Negro and Black Terry in a 3-way elimination match where Negro's title, Opera's mask, and Terry's hair are on the line for the last one to be pinned.
Black Terry [2]2007/12/16Naucalpan
Fuerza Guerrera2008/05/29Naucalpan
Black Terry [3] 2008/09/07 Naucalpan
Defeats Guerrera and Multifacetico in a 3-way title-vs-hair-vs-mask match.
Fuerza Guerrera [2] 2008/11/16 Naucalpan
Dr. Cerebro [4] 2010/05/23 Naucalpan
CIMA [2] 2010/06/06 Naucalpan
Stripped due to inactivity.
Golden Magic 2011/09/08 Naucalpan
Defeats Bestia 666 in 16-man tournament final.
Eterno 2011/12/22 Naucalpan
Oficial Rayan 2012/10/07 Naucalpan
Dinamic Black 2013/02/24 Naucalpan
Vacant on 13/09/22 when Black leaves the promotion.
Canis Lupus 2013/09/29 Naucalpan
Wins 8-man elimination match.
Golden Magic 2013/12/05 Naucalpan
Canis Lupus [2] 2014/11/16 Naucalpan
Vacant in 16.
Cerebro Negro [6] 2016/04/20 Naucalpan
Defeats Mike Segura.
Mosca 2017/02/05 Naucalpan
Emperador Azteca 2017/06/18 Naucalpan