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International Wrestling Revolution Group
Intercontinental Middleweight Title
(as of 2017/10/01)

Defeats Tony Rivera to become the first champion.
El Hijo del Gladiador
Magnum Tokyo1998/07/05Naucalpan
Defeats El Hijo del Gladiator.
IWRG Mr. Niebla1998/10/04Naucalpan
Bombero Infernal1999/01/10Naucalpan
IWRG Mr. Niebla [2]1999/06/06Naucalpan
Bombero Infernal [2]1999/10/24Naucalpan
Ultimo Vampiro1999/12/16Naucalpan
Black Dragon2000/01/09Naucalpan
Bombero Infernal [3]2000/11/19Naucalpan
Ultimo Vampiro [2]2001/03/25Naucalpan
Bombero Infernal [4] 2001/11/25 Naucalpan
Title held up on next day due to interference from El Enterrador.
Ultimo Vampiro [3]2001/12/02Naucalpan
Defeats Bombero Infernal in rematch.
Defeats Ultimo Vampiro and Pentagon in a triangle match.
Bombero Infernal [5]2002/04/14Naucalpan
Tony Rivera2002/07/28Naucalpan
Ultimo Vampiro [4]2002/08/25Naucalpan
Stripped on 04/03/16.
Defeats Avisman I.
Cerebro Negro2004/05/23Naucalpan
Matrix 2004 PAN *
El Veneno2005/01/13Naucalpan
Black Dragon [2]2005/06/09Naucalpan
El Veneno [2]2005/06/16Naucalpan
El Veneno [3]2005/12/11Naucalpan
Pantera II [3]2006/07/30Naucalpan
Pentagon Black2006/10/15Naucalpan
Declared vacant in 07/10 when Black does not defend title.
Negro Casas 2007/11/01 Naucalpan
Defeats Villano III in the tournament final; vacant on 12/05/01 since Casas has not worked for the promotion for many years.
Oficial AK-47 2012/05/06 Naucalpan
Defeats Veneno in 8-man tournament final.
El Angel 2012/10/07Naucalpan
Eterno 2013/04/11 Naucalpan
Hijo de Pirata Morgan 2013/05/30 Naucalpan
Veneno 2015/03/29 Naucalpan
Heddi Karaoui 2015/10/25 Naucalpan
Imposible 2016/09/04 Naucalpan
Relampago 2017/01/22 Naucalpan
Eterno [2] 2017/09/17 Naucalpan
Bombero Infernal [6] 2017/10/01 Naucalpan