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International Wrestling Revolution Group
Intercontinental Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/08/07)

Pierroth Jr.1998/09/28Naucalpan
Defeats Black Magic to become the first champion.
Pirata Morgan1999/08/01Naucalpan
Super Parka1999/11/23Yokkaichi, Mie, JPN
Scorpio Jr.1999/12/16Naucalpan
Tinieblas Jr.2001/08/16Naucalpan
Scorpio Jr. [2]2002/08/29Naucalpan
Defeats Tinieblas Jr. and El Hijo del Anibal in a 3-way match.
El Enterrador2003/05/29Naucalpan
Tinieblas Jr.2003/10/12Naucalpan
Villano IV2004/02/12Naucalpan
Scorpio Jr. [3]2004/09/09Naucalpan
Heavy Metal2005/05/12Naucalpan
Scorpio Jr. [4]2005/09/11Naucalpan
Stripped after jumping to AAA in 06/02.
Canek 2006/05/05 Nezahualcoyotl
Defeats Rayo de Jalisco Jr. after those two defeat Perro Aguayo Jr. & Head Hunter I in a tag team match.
Máscara Año 2000 Jr. 2010/04/18 Naucalpan
Defeats Canek, Scorpio Jr., and Pirata Morgan in a 4-way match.
Silver King 2010/06/24 Naucalpan
Taboo 2011/10/16 Naucalpan
Defeats King, La Parka, and Dr. Wagner Jr. in a 4-way match.
Head Hunter I 2011/12/25 Naucalpan
Defeats Taboo and Electroshock in a 3-way match.
Cien Caras Jr. 2012/06/21 Naucalpan
Vampiro Canadiense 2014/01/26 Naucalpan
Vacant in 14/03 when Vampiro retires.
El Hijo de Dos Caras 2014/07/20 Naucalpan
Defeats Demon Clown, Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Par-K, Mascara Sagrada, and Pirata Morgan in 6-way match.
Máscara Año 2000 Jr. 2015/10/11 Naucalpan
El Hijo de Dos Caras [2] 2015/11/01 Naucalpan
Trauma I 2016/02/14 Naucalpan
Máscara Año 2000 Jr. [2] 2016/04/24 Naucalpan
Mr. Electro 2016/06/12 Naucalpan
Trauma I [2] 2016/08/07 Naucalpan