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Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
World Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/09/19)

Konnan el Barbaro1991/06/09Mexico City
Defeats Cien Caras in tournament final.
Cien Caras1991/08/18Monterrey
Vacant on 92/06/19 after Caras jumps to AAA in 92/05.
Black Magic (Norman Smiley)1992/11/20Mexico City
Defeats Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in tournament final.
Silver King1994/07/28Cuernavaca
Apolo Dantes1995/06/23Mexico City
Rayo de Jalisco Jr.1996/04/14Mexico City
The Steele1997/04/18Mexico City
Vacant in 97/09 when Steele leaves promotion.
Universo 20001997/10/17Mexico City
Defeats Rayo de Jalisco Jr. in tournament final.
Rayo de Jalisco Jr. [2]1998/09/13Guadalajara
Universo 2000 [2]1999/12/10Mexico City
Mr. Niebla2003/04/18Mexico City
Universo 2000 [3]2004/10/12Mexico City
Dos Caras Jr.2007/07/08Mexico City
Ultimo Guerrero 2008/12/22 Puebla
Hector Garza 2011/08/12 Mexico City
Vacant in 11/11 when Garza leaves CMLL.
Damian el Terrible 2012/01/01 Mexico City
Defeats Rush in an 8-man tournament final.
Maximo 2015/01/30 Mexico City
Vacant on 17/05/22 when Maximo is fired by CMLL.
Marco Corleone (Mark Jindrak) 2017/06/06 Guadalajara
Wins a 10-man elimination match.