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Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
World Welterweight Title
(as of 2013/02/03)

[ Japanese ]

Fuerza Guerrera92/02/15Puebla
Defeats El Khalifa in tournament final.
America (Pantera II)92/03/08Mexico City
Ciclon Ramirez93/03
Felino [2]94/03/30Acapulco
El Pantera (II) [2]94/06/21Cuernavaca
Super Delfin defeats Pantera on 96/03/15 in Osaka, JPN, but CMLL declares the title vacant because Pantera had jumped to AAA before going to Japan.
Mascara Magica96/05/21Mexico City
Defeats Felino in a tournament final; defeats Delfin on 96/06/22 in Naruko, JPN to become undisputed champion.
Guerrero de la Muerte96/08/02Mexico City
Mascara Magica [2]98/01<
Karloff Lagarde Jr.98/02/06Mexico City
Olimpico98/09/16Mexico City
Halcon Negro Jr.98/10/23Mexico City
Olimpico [2]98/12/13Mexico City
Super Delfin99/02/27Nagoya, JPN
Arkangel de la Muerte99/08/10Kawasaki, JPN
El Pantera [3]01/03/20Mexico City
Wins by forfeit when Nozawa is injured.
Nozawa [2]01/04/02Puebla
Felino [3]01/09/21Mexico City
Satanico03/11/25Mexico City
El Mephisto04/02/24Mexico City
Negro Casas 09/03/20 Mexico City
Mascara Dorada 10/09/07 Mexico City
Ryusuke Taguchi 11/01/22 Tokyo, JPN
Mascara Dorada [2] 11/06/18 Osaka, JPN
Polvora 12/11/11 Mexico City

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