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Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
World Light Heavyweight Title
(as of 2013/01/30)

[ Japanese ]

Jerry Estrada91/09/26Cuernavaca
Defeats Pierroth Jr. in final of 16-man tournament.
Pierroth Jr.92/03/19Cuernavaca
Dr. Wagner Jr.93/04/02Mexico City
Atlantis 94/03/02Acapulco
Dr. Wagner Jr. [2]95/12/17Mexico City
Aquarius (Yoshihiro Tajiri) # 96/07/19 Tokyo, JPN
Dr. Wagner Jr. # 96/07/27 Sapporo, JPN
Title changes in Japan take place without approval of EMLL.
Atlantis [2] 99/05/10Puebla
Villano III99/11/22Tampico
Ultimo Guerrero02/12/13Mexico City
Rey Bucanero06/07/14Mexico City
Ephesto 09/05/26 Mexico City
Rush 11/02/22 Mexico City
Vacates on 13/01/15 to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title.
Rey Escorpion 13/01/30 Mexico City
Defeats Volador Jr. in tournament final.

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