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World Women's Wrestling Association
World Super Lightweight Title

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Chaparita ASARI 1996/05/18
Defeats Toshie Uematsu to become first champion; vacates on 97/06/01 because of illness.
Chaparita ASARI [2] 1999/05/05 Kawasaki
Defeats Sumie Sakai in tournament final.
Momoe Nakanishi 1999/07/11 Tokyo
Chaparita ASARI [3] 1999/10/22 Fukuoka
Vacates on 02/03/19 when the title moves to ARSION.
Ai Fujita 2002/05/11 Tokyo
Defeats Kayo Noumi.
Chaparita ASARI [4] 2003/05/05 Tokyo
Awarded as the permanent champion upon retirement by ARSION president Hiroshi Ogawa.

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