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American Girls' Wrestling Association
International Tag Team Title

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Mary Jane & Lucille Dupre1968/06
First champions.
Miyuki Yanagi & Kyoko Okada1968/09/01Tokyo
Mary Jane & Lucille Dupre [2]1968/09/09Akita
Aiko Kyo & Miyuki Yanagi1968/09/16Tokyo
Kyoko Okada & Aiko Kyo1969/04/10Hiroshima
Defeat Barba Owens & Kay Noble.
Masked Killer & Masked Marie1969/12/08Tokyo
Aiko Kyo & Yoshiko Miyamoto1970/01/30Tokyo
Masked Killer & Masked Marie [2]1970/04/04Fujisawa
Aiko Kyo & Yoshiko Miyamoto [2]1970/05/30Kawasaki
Masked Killer & Masked Marie [3]1970/06/30Kawasaki
Aiko Kyo & Yoshiko Miyamoto [3]1970/07/08Sagamihara
Masked Killer & Masked Lee1970/07/25Sayama
Miyoko Hoshino & Yoshiko Miyamoto1970/07/26Fuchu, Tokyo
Masked Killer & Masked Lee [2]1970/08/03Himeji
Aiko Kyo & Miyoko Hoshino1970/08/09Chofu
Masked Killer & Masked Lee [3]1970/09/12Kamifukuoka
Aiko Kyo & Miyoko Hoshino [2]1970/09/27Kawasaki
Vacant in 70.
Marie Vagnone & Masked Killer *1970/10/05
Defeat Aiko Kyo & Jumbo Miyamoto.
Aiko Kyo & Jumbo (Yoshiko) Miyamoto [5]1970/10/13Yokohama
Masked Killer & Masked Lee [4]1971/02/20Chichibu
Miyoko Hoshino & Jumbo Miyamoto [2]1971/02/27Mobara, Chiba
Irma Asebedo & Masked Killer1971/03/06Tokyo
Maxie Murata & Jumbo Miyamoto1971/03/25Yokohama
Masked Killer & Masked Lee [5]1971/06/12Shikarawa, Fukushima
Aiko Kyo & Jumbo Miyamoto [6]1971/06/20Toride, Ibaraki
WWWA merges AGWA in 71; Kyo & Miyamoto recognized as the first WWWA champions.

* See WWWA World Tag Team Title.

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