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World Entertainment Wrestling
Heavyweight Title
(as of 2016/02/21)

Kintaro Kanemura2002/08/23Tokyo
Defeats Tetsuhiro Kuroda to become the first champion; promoter Hiromichi Fuyuki passes away on 03/03/18; title vacant on 03/05/05 when promotion closes; inactive.
Togi Makabe2006/09/24Tokyo
Defeats Kintaro Kanemura.
Kintaro Kanemura [2]2007/06/24Tokyo
Toru Yano2007/07/29Tokyo
Mammoth Sasaki2007/09/23Tokyo
Tomohiro Ishii 2008/07/12 Tokyo
Kintaro Kanemura [3] 2011/02/26 Tokyo
Arashi 2011/05/27 Tokyo
Tetsuhiro Kuroda 2012/04/26 Tokyo
Vacates on 12/07/25 to enter the "Takeover the Independent" round-robin tournament.
Tetsuhiro Kuroda [2] 2012/09/21 Tokyo
Defeats Takeshi Minamino in the final of 16-man "Take Over the Independent".
Kintaro Kanemura [4] 2013/09/01 Tokyo
Tomohiko Hashimoto 2015/11/15 Osaka
Koji Kanemoto 2016/02/21 Osaka