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Goddess of Stardom Title
(as of 2014/08/10)

[ 日本語 ]

Yuzuki Aikawa & Yoko Bito 2011/11/27 Tokyo
Defeat Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko in a 4-team round-robin tournament final to become the first champions; vacate on 12/10/02 due to Bito's injury
Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko 2012/11/25 Tokyo
Defeat Kairi Hojo & Natsumi Shozuki in 8-team round-robin tournament final.
Kyoko Kimura & Hailey Hatred 2013/03/17 Tokyo
Kairi Hojo & Natsumi Shozuki 2013/04/29 Tokyo
Shozuki vacates on 13/06/02 due to injury.
Nanae Takahashi & Miho Wakizawa 2013/07/15 Osaka
Defeat Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko in a 4-team tournament final.
Kyoko Kimura & The Alpha Female 2014/01/26 Tokyo
Nanat Takahashi & Kairi Hojo 2014/08/10 Tokyo

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