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King of Pancrasists Welterweight Title
(as of 2014/08/01)

Kiuma Kunioku2002/07/28Tokyo
Defeats Takafumi Ito in tournament final to beomce the first champion; vacates on 04/09/21.
Katsuya Inoue #2005/05/01Yokohama
Becomes a provisional champion when Satoru Kitaoka is unable to participate in the match against Inoue due to injury.
Daizo Ishige 2006/08/27 Yokohama
Defeats Inoue to become the official champion.
Katsuya Inoue 2008/01/30 Tokyo
Defeats Satoru Kitaoka; has been previously recognized as interim champion, defeating Fabricio Nascimento on 07/07/27 in Tokyo; vacates in 08/02 when Inoue moves to the lightweight division.
Takuya Wada 2009/04/05 Tokyo
Defeats Masahiro Toryu; vacates on 10/04/29.
Kengo Ura 2010/06/05 Tokyo
Defeats KEI Yamamiya.
Takenori Sato 2011/02/06 Tokyo
Vacates in 14/06 when Sato signs with UFC.

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