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King of Pancrasists Middleweight Title
(as of 2016/10/02)

Nathan Marquardt2000/09/24Yokohama
Defeats Johnny Carter in tournament final to become the first champion.
Kiuma Kunioku2001/12/01Yokohama
Nathan Marquardt [2]2002/12/21Tokyo
Ricardo Almeida2003/11/30Tokyo
Vacates on 04/07/13 upon retirement.
Nathan Marquardt [3] 2004/11/07 Urayasu
Defeats Kazuo Misaki; vacates in 06/10.
Yuichi Nakanishi 2006/12/02 Tokyo
Defeats Izuru Takeuchi.
Izuru Takeuchi 2007/11/28 Tokyo
Ichiro Kanai 2009/12/06 Tokyo
Yuki Kondo 2010/04/29 Tokyo
Has been recognized as the interim champion; defeats Kanai in unification match.
Rikuhei Fujii 2010/12/05 Tokyo
Vacates in 11/05.
Ryo Kawamura 2012/01/28 Tokyo
Defeats Ikkei Nagamura.
Shinsho Anzai 2014/06/29 Tokyo
Immediately vacates the title in order to move to the welterweight division of UFC.
Ryo Kawamura [2] 2016/10/02 Tokyo
Defeats Yuki Niimura.