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OZ Academy Open-weight Queen Title
(as of 2016/07/18)

Aja Kong 2007/03/10 Tokyo
Defeats Chikayo Nagashima in a 5-woman round-robin tournament to become the first champion.
Carlos Amano 2008/01/13 Tokyo
Mayumi Ozaki 2009/01/11 Tokyo
Dynamite Kansai 2009/02/22 Tokyo
Aja Kong [2] 2009/08/16 Tokyo
Manami Toyota 2009/09/21 Sapporo
KAORU 2010/07/11 Tokyo
Vacant on 11/10/04 in Tokyo when KAORU suffers foot injury during a 3-way match against Aja Kong and Mayumi Ozaki with a stipulation that one has to defeat both of her opponents consecutively; Aja challenges Ozaki for a singles match.
Aja Kong [3] 2011/04/10 Tokyo
Defeats Mayumi Ozaki.
Ran Yu-Yu 2011/04/29 Osaka
Dynamite Kansai [2] 2011/07/24 Tokyo
Mayumi Ozaki [2] 2011/08/21 Yokohama
Wins a title in a tag team match with a special stipulation that the members of the winning team face each other for the title; Ozaki teams with Kansai to defeat Aja Kong & Shinobu Kandori and then defeats Kansai.
Chikayo Nagashima 2012/03/25 Tokyo
Wins in a 30-min ironwoman match.
AKINO 2013/04/24 Tokyo
Tsubasa Kuragaki 2014/10/13 Tokyo
AKINO [2] 2015/05/17 Tokyo
Mio Shirai 2015/06/07 Tokyo
Wins the title in an afternoon and makes an announcement that she has no intention to defend the title until 15/08/23 in Yokohama but would vacate the title if she loses to any member of Mission K4 (Sonoko Kato, AKINO, Kagetsu, or Kaho Kobayashi) in any match on any card; vacates the title on the same day after losing to Kobayashi during an evening card.
Sonoko Kato 2015/08/23 Yokohama
Defeats Hiroyo Matsumoto after the two become the last remaining wrestlers in a 6-woman elimination tag team match between Kato & AKINO & Tsubasa Kuragaki and Matsumoto & Hikaru Shida & Arisa Nakajima; declared vacant after a match against Hiroyo Matsumoto on 16/04/24 in Tokyo ends as no contest.
Sonoko Kato [2] 2016/07/18 Tokyo
Defeats Mayumi Ozaki.