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Mexican Wrestling Federation
World Tag Team Title
(as of 2012/07/05)

[ Japanese ]

Kaijin Habuotoko & Shisa King 09/04/05 Osaka
Defeat Super Delfin & Magnitude Kishiwada to become the first champions; vacant on 09/09/26.
Golden Pine & Mil Mongoose 09/12/04 Naha
Defeat Shisa King & Agu in tournament final.
Kaijin Habuotoko & Mensore Oyaji 10/05/23 Naha
Ultra Mango & Kijimuna 11/08/12 Naha
Vacant on 11/09/19 after Kijimuna is injured.
Gurukun Diver & Mil Mongoose 11/11/06 Osaka
Defeat Super Delfin & Acer 8.
Kaijin Habuotoko & Mensore Oyaji [2] 12/05/19 Naha
Acer 8 & Jimbei Zamen 12/07/05 Naha
Okinawa Pro-Wrestling closes in 12/08.

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