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Global Hardcore Crown Open-weight Title

[ Japanese ]

Jun Akiyama 2003/03/13
Declears himself as the champion.
Naomichi Marufuji 2004/10/16 Tokushima
Muhammed Yone 2005/03/05 Tokyo
Scorpio 2005/10/22 Tokushima
Kentaro Shiga 2006/09/03 Nagoya
Vacates in 07/01 by suggesting that the title becomes a tag team championship.
Kentaro Shiga & Kishin Kawabata 2007/02/17 Tokyo
Defeate Go Shiozaki & Shuhei Taniguchi in a tournament final; temporarily becomes a tag team title.
Kishin Kawabata 2007/11/19 Niigata
Defeate Shiga.
Makoto Hashi 2008/10/06 Isezaki, Gunma
Kenta Kobashi 2009/06/08 Tokyo
Vacates in 10/06 after suffering an injury in 10/01.

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