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World Wrestling Federation
International Heavyweight Title

Antonino Rocca * 1948 Buenos Aires, ARG
Defeats Dick Schikat in tournament final; according to the Weekly Gong, Rocca wins the title by defeating Buddy Rogers in 59/07 in New York, NY; vacant in 60s<; title inactive (no confirmation of Rocca acutally holding the title).
Toni Parisi * 1982 Buffalo, NY
Gino Brito 1982/08< Buffalo, NY *
Tatsumi Fujinami 1982/08/30 New York, NY
Riki Choshu 1983/04/03 Tokyo, JPN
Tatsumi Fujinami [2] 1983/08/04 Tokyo, JPN
Wins match by countout but refuses the belt; Choshu can't get into Canada for scheduled rematch in Calgary, AB on 83/08/12, and Fujinami is given recognition as champion.
Akira Maeda # 1984/03/25 New York, NY
Defeats Pierre Lefebvre and is awarded a disputed version by WWF president Hisashi Shinma upon starting the original UWF; one report says the title is later renamed UWF Heavyweight Title; vacates on 84/07/23 when Shinma leaves UWF (Maeda never defends the title).
Fujinami vacates the title after a match against Super Strong Machine ends as DDQ on 85/07/19 in Sapporo, JPN; title retired on 85/10/31 when New Japan and WWF split.