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Kitazawa Tag Team Title

* Defended exclusively at Kitazawa Town Hall in Tokyo.

Tannie Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki01/03/25Tokyo
Defeat Emi Motokawa & Acute Sae to become first champions.
Yuka Shiina & Yuka Nakamura01/07/13Tokyo
Tannie Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki [2]01/09/01Tokyo
Defeat Chiaki Nishi & Acute Sae; have also won Itabashi Tag Team Title on 01/08/01 in Tokyo; stripped of both titles on 02/10/14 for lack of the defense since the beginning of the year.
Tannie Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki [3]02/11/10Tokyo
Defeat Natsu Nishida & Yuki Nashiro (non-wrestler teen idols) for both titles.
Kyoko Inoue & Etsuko Mita03/09/14Tokyo
Vacate immediately for wanting to become the 10th champions.
Tannie Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki [4]03/09/23Tokyo
Defeat Yoshiko Tamura & Ofune in 8-team tournament final; vacate on 04/10/04.

* Replaced with NEO Tag Team Title.

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