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Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2013/12/13)

[ Japanese ]

Dick Togo 02/08/25 Sendai
Defeats Tiger Mask in a 16-man round-robin tournament final.
Atlantis 03/08/26 Hokkaido
The Great Sasuke 04/03/28 Sendai
TAKA Michinoku 05/02/19Iwate
Vacates on 06/03/07 due to fiinger injury.
Kagetora 06/03/19 Yahaba, Iwate
Defeats Makoto Oishi but immidiately vacates the title and makes a proposal for a tournamet to take place on 06/03/23 in Sendai.
Takeshi Minamino 06/04/23 Sendai
Defeats Rasse in 8-man one-night tournament final.
Super Delfin 06/05/21 Osaka
The Great Sasuke [2] 06/10/08 Morioka
GAINA 06/11/19 Niigata
Yoshitsune 07/11/09 Yamagata
Fujita Jr. Hayato 08/12/12 Tokyo
Ken'oh 09/09/05 Yahaba, Iwate
The Great Sasuke [3] 10/11/07 Morioka
Rui Hyugaji 11/05/08 Yahaba, Iwate
Ken'oh [2] 11/11/05 Yahaba, Iwate
Fujita Jr. Hayato [2] 12/06/03 Tokyo
Ken'oh [2] 13/06/30 Sendai
Vacates on 13/12/13 when Ken'oh temporarily wrestles for Pro-Wrestling NOAH.

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