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LLPW Tag Team Title
(as of 2007/08/31)

[ Japanese ]

Eagle Sawai & Amazing Kong 03/12/03 Tokyo
Defeat Shinobu Kandori & Takako Inoue in a tournament final to become the first champions.
Shinobu Kandori & Takako Inoue 04/01/25 Tokyo
Eiger & Sayuri Okino 04/05/30 Tokyo
Noriyo Tateno & Eagle Sawai 05/12/06 Tokyo
Vacant on 07/05/20 when Sawai retires.
Eiger & Sayuri Okino [2] 07/08/31 Tokyo
Defeat Sachiko Kanari & Sachiko Kanari (two names with same pronounciation but different kanji combinations).

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