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LLPW Singles Title

[ Japanese ]

Shinobu Kandori 93/08/29 Tokyo
Defeats Eagle Sawai in 14-woman tournament final.
Noriyo Tateno 94/09/23 Tokyo
Eagle Sawai 95/03/17 Tokyo
Karula (Harley Saito) 95/11/13 Osaka
Eagle Sawai [2] 96/10/27 Tokyo
Stripped on 97/08/15.
Shinobu Kandori [2] 97/10/07 Kumamoto
Defeats Eagle Sawai.
Harley Saito [2] 99/08/22 Tokyo
Eagle Sawai [3] 00/08/19 Kusaka
Carol Midori 01/07/16 Kagoshima
Stripped for losing a 6-woman tag team match on 2001/11/23 in Tokyo.
Carol Midori [2] 01/12/16 Tokyo
Defeats Takako Inoue in 9-woman tournament final.
Rumi Kazama 02/03/21 Tokyo
Eagle Sawai [4] 03/03/05 Kumamoto
Vacates on 03/08/03 in Tokyo.
Mako Ogawa 03/08/03 Tokyo
Eliminates Eagle Sawai and Mizuki Endo in an 8-woman battle royal.
Rumi Kazama [2] 03/08/03 Tokyo
LLPW president Shinobu Kandori strips the title off of Ogawa and awards to Kazama, scheduled to retire on the same card, as the eternal champion.

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