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Independent World Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2014/09/07)

[ 日本語 ]

Naoki Sano 1999/05/14 Sapporo
Defeats Minoru Tanaka for FMW Junior Heavyweight Title; recognized as the first Independent World champion when FMW withdraws the title recognition.
Minoru Tanaka 2000/01/30 Tokyo
Katsumi Usuda 2000/05/11 Tokyo
Naoyuki Taira 2000/06/18 Tokyo
Katsumi Usuda 2000/11/26 Tokyo
Vacates on 01/12/04 after Battlarts becomes inactive.
Ikuto Hidaka 2002/02/17 Kanagawa
Defeats Kazuya Yuasa in 8-man tournament final; title retired on 02/05/15.
Kota Ibushi 2007/08/26 Tokyo
Defeats Madoka when the title is reactivated.
Madoka 2008/08/09 Chiba
Makoto Oishi 2008/09/14 Tokyo
GENTARO 2009/09/23 Chiba
Marines Mask 2010/04/02 Tokyo
Tigers Mask 2010/09/09 Chiba
Orochi 2010/09/26 Osaka
Tigers Mask [2] 2010/11/13 Osaka
Daigoro Kashiwa 2011/06/18 Tokyo
HIROKI 2011/11/06 Tokyo
Ricky Fuji 2013/01/26 Chiba
Hayato Nanjo 2013/04/14 Tokyo
TAKA Michinoku 2013/05/11 Osaka
TEPPEI 2014/09/07 Chiba

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