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Japan Woman Pro-Wrestling ( 1987 - 1989 )
UWA & JWPW ( 1989 - 1992 )

Women's Junior Title

[ Japanese ]

Rumi Kazama1987/07/22Tokyo
Defeat Esther Moreno to become the first JWP Junior champion.
Mayumi Ozaki1987/10/24
Rumi Kazama [2]1988/01/10Tokyo
Vacates the title in 88.
Mayumi Ozaki [2]1988/08/27
Defeats Yuu Yamazaki.
Yuu Yamazaki1989/05/29
Has defeated Neftali on 89/02/25 in Xochimilco, MEX to become the first UWA Women's Junior champion; unifies both titles on 89/05/29; vacant in 89 when Yamazaki injured.
Plum Mariko1989/09/15Tokyo
Defeats Cutie Suzuki and Mayumi Ozaki in tournament.
Rumi Kazama [3]1990/01/10Yokohama
Vacates on 90/01/23.
Plum Mariko [2]1990/06/16Shimozuma
Defeats Cutie Suzuki in tournament final; vacant in 90/06.
Mayumi Ozaki [3]1990/07/19
Defeats The Scorpion in tournament final.
The Scorpion1991/03/17Tokyo
Cutie Suzuki1991/10/10Tokyo
Title retired when Japan Women's Pro closes in 92/01.

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