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Japan Woman Pro Wrestling
Pacific Coast Tag Team Title

[ Japanese ]

Miss A & Xochitl Hamada 1987/10/24 Tokyo
Defeat Lola Gonzalez & La Bruha.
Eagle Sawai & Maiko Tsurugi 1988/02/27 Tokyo
Eagle Sawai & Moon Akiko 1989/02/12 Tokyo
Defeat Maiko Tsurugi & Mitsuyo Mura.
Miss A & Harley Saito 1989/03/21 Tokyo
Devil Masami & Maiko Tsurugi 1989/04/13 Tokyo
Miss A & Harley Saito [2] 1990/02/27 Tokyo
Rumi Kazama & Shinobu Kandori 1990/07/26 Yokohama
Miss A & Harley Saito [3] 1990/10/10 Tokyo
Title retired in 91.

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