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BS Japan Queen of the Ring Title

[ 日本語 ]

The Bloody2000/11/26Tokyo
Defeats Megumi Yabushita in a 8-woman tournament final to become first champion.
Megumi Yabushita2000/12/29Tokyo
Sumie Sakai2001/03/18Tokyo
The Bloody [2]2001/04/29Tokyo
Fang Suzuki2001/12/15Tokyo
Defeats The Bloody and Sumie Sakai in a 3-way match; vacates after the match.
The Bloody [3]2001/12/29Tokyo
Defeats Fang Suzuki; vacant in 02/01 due to leg injury.
Fang Suzuki [2]2002/01/27Tokyo
Defeats Sumie Sakai, KAZUKI, and Sachie Abe in a 4-way cage match.
Nanae Takahashi2002/04/29Tokyo
Fang Suzuki [3]2002/09/23Tokyo
Hiroyo Mutoh2003/08/1019Tokyo
Wins title as the masked Kanimiso Hanako, a gimmick she has been forced to use since losing to Suzuki on 03/08/10 in Tokyo; the stipulation is that Mutoh can return to her real name if she wins.