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IWA World Middleweight Title
[Kokusai Pro]

[ 日本語 ]

Imposter Onita 2000/03/20 Ohtsu
Defeats Caras to become first champion; Caras has defeated Naoshi Sano on 00/03/06 in Yokohama for the match.
Tohkai Bushido V3 2000/07/09 Yokohama
Toshiyuki Moriya 2001/08/04 Tokyo
Masayoshi Motegi 2001/12/02 Kanazawa
Vacates on 01/12/03.
Masayoshi Motegi [2] 2001/12/16 Tokyo
Defeats Koji Ishinriki in the final of one-day 4-man tournament.
BENTEN 2002/07/07 Kanazawa
Defeats Motegi and J.R.F. Lion in a 3-way match; title vacanrt.
Phantom Funagoshi 2005/03/06 Tokyo
Defeats Viking Taniguchi; promotion inactive after 07/05.

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