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International Wrestling Association
World Tag Team Title

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Head Hunters 94/11/17 Yokohama
Defeat Dick Slater & Nobutaka Araya in 8-team round-robin tournament final.
Silver King & El Texano 95/03/03 Hiroshima
Head Hunters [2] 95/08/20 Kawasaki
Cactus Jack & Tracy Smothers 95/09/29 Yokohama
Tarzan Goto & Mr. Gannosuke 95/10/01 Akita
Vacant on 96/10/26 when Goto & Gannosuke leave the promotion.
Leather Face & Jason the Terrible 99/11/23 Tokyo
Defeat Yoshiya Yamashita & The Shooter in 8-team tournament final; Shooter is unmasked by Tarzan Goto, who ran in during the final, as Katsutoshi Niiyama; title inactive.
Jun Izumida & Shouichi Ichimiya 02/04/26 Tokyo
Defeat Keizo Matsuda & Takashi Uwano in one-night tournament final.
Keizo Matsuda & Takashi Uwano 02/10/01 Tokyo
Vacant on 02/11/21 when Uwano leaves the promotion.
Steve Williams & Ryo Miyake 03/11/30 Tokyo
Defeat Keizo Matsuda & Leatherface in 6-team tournament final; vacate on 04/07/21 due to Miyake's face injury.

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