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World Entertainment Wrestling
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[Frontier Martial-arts Wrestling]

[ Japanese ]

Kodo Fuyuki 1999
Masato Tanaka 1999/11/23 Yokohama
Tetsuhiro Kuroda 2000/01/05 Tokyo
Vacates on 00/05/01, being unsatisfied with the no-contest match against Kodo Fuyuki on 00/03/27 in Tokyo.
Kodo Fuyuki [2] 2000/05/05 Tokyo
Defeats Tetsuhiro Kuroda.
Tetsuhiro Kuroda [2] 2001/04/01 Tokyo
Hayabusa 2001/05/22 Sapporo
Kintaro Kanemura 2001/08/11 Tokyo
Hayabusa defeats Kanemura on 01/09/05 in Sapporo, but belt is returned by FMW President Yoshida who claims Hayabusa has used an illegal move during the match on 2001/09/05.
Kodo Fuyuki [3] 2002/01/06 Tokyo

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