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Open the Owarai Gate Title
(as of 2018/03/06)

* The title can be changed not necessarily by winning the match but
also by gaining more applause or laughters from the audience.

"Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa2007/05/25Burbank, CA, USA
Awarded as the first champion during a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event.
Defeats Ichikawa and K-ness in a 3-way match.
Jackson Florida2007/10/17Kobe
Awarded by CIMA after his title defense against "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa.
Masaaki Mochizuki2008/01/19Nagoya
Defeats Florida and Turbo-yan in a 3-way match.
Jackson Florida [2]2008/02/02Ukiha, Fukui
Johnson Florida 2008/07/11 Nagoya
ICHIKAWA [2] 2008/07/21 Kumamoto
Steals the belt and claims the title after a 3-way title match against Florida and K-ness.; Dragon Gate recognizes him as the champion because the championship commissioner, who resides in the U.S., is not available and his cell phone immediately goes to the voice mail.
Jackson Florida [3] 2008/08/16 Toyama
Wins a 3-way match against ICHIKAWA and K-ness.
"Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa [3] 2009/03/16 Kumamoto
Kinta Tamaoka 2009/03/22 Tokyo
Masaaki Mochizuki defeats Ichikawa, but the referee Tamaoka receives more applause from the audience to win the title; vacates in 09/03.
"Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa [4] 2009/03/29 Fukui
Defeats Jackson Florida.
Anthony W. Mori 2009/04/04 Nagoya
Kikutaro 2009/05/15 Tokyo
Don Fujii 2011/04/10 Tsu
Special referee for 3-way match between Kikutaro, Ryo Saito, and "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa and receives the most applause from the audience to win the title.
"Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa [5] 2011/08/21 Fukuoka
Defeats Karaoke Machine (Fujii); CIMA defeats Ichikawa in a match on 11/09/24 in Niigata but Ichikawa retains the title due to CIMA not gainning enough laguhters from the audience.
Swann Hansen (Rich Swann) 2011/11/05 Gifu
On 11/12/25 in Fukuka, Naoki Tanizaki steals the belt from Hansen; DRAGON GATE makes an announcement on 12/07/23 that Tanizaki has returned the belt by mail thus the title is vacant.
Ken'ichiro Arai 2012/08/02 Tokyo
Defeats "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa.
Kikutaro [2] 2012/12/20 Tokyo
Ryo "Jimmy" Saito 2013/03/07 Tokyo
Jimmy Kanda 2014/11/23 Saga
Teams with Saito to face Don Fujii & "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa in a tag team match and wins the title by gaining more support from the audience.
Yosuke Santa Maria 2015/02/04 Kasukabe, Saitama
Akira Tozawa 2015/03/29 Saga
Mr. Nakagawa 2015/11/14 Fukuoka
Referees the match between Tozawa and "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa and wins the title by the judge from the audience.
Masato Yoshino 2015/11/23 Kurashiki, Okayama
Teams with "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa to face Ryo "Jimmy" Saito & Jimmy K-ness J.K.S. in a tag team match and wins the title by gaining more support from the audience; stripped on 16/04/04 for not defending for more than 3 months.
CIMA [2] 2016/04/10 Tsu, Mie
Defeats "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa.
"Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa [6] 2016/04/10 Tsu, Mie
Awarded by CIMA after giving his right to enter the "King of Gate 2016" to Punch Tominaga.
Jushin Thunder Masaaki (Masaaki Mochizuki) [2] 2016/07/16 Gifu
Wins from Chinju Stalker Ichikawa ("Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa).
"Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa [7] 2016/07/16 Gifu
Awarded back by Masaaki.
CIMA [3] 2017/11/19 Miyazaki
Vacates on 17/11/26.
Ryo Saito [2] 2017/11/26 Sendai
Defeats "Hollywood" Stalker Ichikawa.
Shingo Takagi 2018/03/06 Tokyo