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Jiyugaoka 6-person Tag Team Title
(as of 2010/11/03)

[ Japanese ]

* The champion team can include one female wrestler.

Sanshiro Takagi, Hero!, & Etsuko Mita2003/10/11
Defeat Shoichi Ichimiya, Futoshi Miwa, & Kaori Yoneyama to become the first champions; vacant in 05.
Sanshiro Takagi, Poison Sawada, & Jun Inomata2005/10/08Tokyo
Defeat Francesco Togo, Don Maestro, & Antonio Honda; Inokuma retires on 06/05/07; title is declared vacant on 06/06/08.
Harashima, Muscle Sakai, & Yusuke Inokuma2006/06/25Tokyo
Defeat KUDO, Seiya Morohashi, & Masami Morohashi; vacate on 07/05/23 because of the upcoming card on 07/06/03 where every match will be for title and Harashima will defend KO-D title while Sakai defends Extreme Divisoin Title; in order to avoid having two matches on the same card, they decide to vacate the 6-man title.
Dorian Sawada Julie, Mango Fukuda, & Toru Momowashi2007/06/03Tokyo
Defeat Prince Togo, Antonio Honda, & King Alamoana; vacate immidiately after the match.
KUDO, Yasu Urano, & Antonio Honda 2008/07/06 Tokyo
Defeat Toru Owashi, Koo, & Super Vaimpre.
Great Kojika, Riho, & Mr. #6 2010/07/25 Tokyo
Reigining Sea of Japan champions, win a 3-way match also involving UWA World Trios champions Hikaru Sato, Keisuke Ishii, & YOSHIHIKO in a triple title match; Riho is a female wrestler.
Hikaru Sato, Michael Nakazawa, & Tomomitsu Matsunaga 2010/11/03 Tokyo
Win the triple title; all male wrestlers.

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