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DDT Extreme Division Title
(as of 2014/09/28)

[ 日本語 ]

Awarded as first champion by Sanshiro Takagi after MIKAMI beats him in a no-DQ match.
NOSAWA Rongai2007/01/28Tokyo
Muscle Sakai2007/06/03Tokyo
Nobutaka Araya2007/08/26Tokyo
Defeats Sakai and Abdullah Kobayashi in a 3-way death match.
Danshoku Dino2007/11/03Osaka
Masa Takanashi2008/02/20Tokyo
Defeats Dino and KUDO in a 3-way match.
Sanshiro Takagi 2008/07/06 Tokyo
Wins a 3-way "women's" match as "Francois Takagi" against Masako Takanashi (Masa) and Tango Hoshi, all dressed like women.
Tango Hoshi 2009/01/24 Tokyo
Danshoku Dino [2] 2009/05/31 Osaka
Wins a 3-way match against Hoshi and Masa Takanashi.
Michael Nakazawa 2009/06/28 Tokyo
Wins a 4-way match against Dino, Antonio Honda, and Rion Mizuki.
Danshoku Dino [3] 2009/06/29 Tokyo
Vacates on 10/01/10 due to health issue.
GENTARO 2010/01/10 Nagoya
Defeats MIKAMI.
Danshoku Dino [4] 2010/05/05 Tokyo
KIM Nanpun 2010/10/28 Ulsun, KOR
Isami Kodaka 2011/01/03 Tokyo
Wins a 6-man tag team match as a captain, teaming with Keita Yano & Survival Toda against KIM, Chochin Shiryu, & Sosho by pinning the captain KIM.
El Generico (Sami Zayn) 2011/09/19 Tokyo
Isami Kodaka [2] 2012/01/03 Tokyo
Yuko Miyamoto 2012/03/29 Tokyo
Shuji Ishikawa 2012/07/18 Tokyo
Keisuke Ishii 2012/11/23 Tokyo
Isami Kodaka [3] 2013/01/14 Tokyo
Kenny Omega 2013/01/27 Tokyo
Reigning KOD Open-weight champion, wins double title match.
Danshoku Dino [5] 2013/08/25 Tokyo
Antonio Honda 2013/09/23 Yokohama
Defeats Dino and Kenny Omega in 3-way match.
HARASHIMA 2013/11/04 Osaka
Reigning KO-D Openweight & Ironman Heavymetalweight champion, defeats Honda in a triple title match.
Danshoku Dino [6] 2014/03/01 Hiroshima
Wins the Extreme Division Title only.
Masa Takanashi [2] 2014/05/09 Tokyo
Makoto Oishi 2014/05/25 Nagoya
Danshoku Dino [7] 2014/07/12 Kawagoe, Saitama
Akihito 2014/09/28 Tokyo

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