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BJW Junior Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/07/17)

Yoshihiro Tajiri1998/02/03Tokyo
Defeats Gedo in a 8-man one-night tournament final to become the first champion; stripped on 98/04/19 when Tajiri leaves the promotion.
Katsumi Usuda1998/05/01Toda
Defeats Minoru Fujita.
The W*inger1999/04/29Shizuoka
Vacates on 99/05/30 for the round-robin tournament.
Masayoshi Motegi1999/06/30Numazu
Defeats Abdullah Jr. Kobayashi in 7-man round-robin tournament final.
Fantastik [2]1999/11/06Hakodate
Chabinger (Masayoshi Motegi) [2]1999/12/04Yokohama
MEN's Teioh2000/06/21Fukushima
Johnny Kashmere2001/08/19Yokohama
Teams with Trent Acid and defeat Teioh & Jun Kasai in a tag team match in which the stipulation is all the titles held by participants are on the line; vacant when a double title match against CZW World champion Acid on 01/09/29 in Sewell, NJ ends as a double pinfall.
Defeats Acid and The Winger in a 3-way match to win both CZW World and BJW titles.
Trent Acid2001/12/15Philadelphia, PA, USA
Wins both titles.
The W*inger [2]2002/03/03Yokohama
Wins BJW title; Acid continues to hold CZW World Title.
Homicide2002/11/15Queens, NY, USA

Shinobu 2017/07/17 Tokyo
Defeats Kazuki Hashimoto in 6-man round-robin tournament final.