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BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title

(as of 2014/06/15)

[ 日本語 ]

Great Pogo (Mr. Pogo)1998/08/09Kanagawa
Defeats Mitsuhiro Matsunaga in 8-man tournament final.
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga1998/08/23Osaka
Shadow WX1998/09/23Tokyo
Abdullah the Butcher1999/01/10Fukuoka
Shadow WX [2]1999/02/28Tokyo
Ryuji Yamakawa1999/05/30Kawasaki
Shadow WX [3]1999/08/10Osaka
Ryuji Yamakawa [2]1999/12/04Yokohama
Tomoaki Honma2000/01/02Tokyo
Tomoaki Honma [2]2000/11/23Yokohama
Stripped in 2001/02 for continuous no-shows.
Zandig [2]2001/05/04Sapporo
Defeats Kintaro Kanemura in tournament final.
Mitsuhiro Matsunaga2001/08/19Yokohama
Zandig [3]2001/12/02Yokohama
Declared vacant in Japan after Big Japan and CZW split; Zandig continues to defend the title in the US; CZW recognizes its wodn Death Match Title until 03.
Kintaro Kanemura2003/03/30Kanagawa
Defeats Shadow WX.
Ryuji Ito2003/08/24Kanagawa
Abdullah Kobayashi2005/12/21Kanagawa
Takashi Sasaki2006/03/31Tokyo
Ryuji Ito [2]2006/09/10Yokohama
Vacates on 06/09/14 due to injury.
Takashi Sasaki [2]2006/12/03Yokohama
Defeats Jaki Numasawa.
Jaki Numasawa2007/08/26Tokyo
Ryuji Ito [3]2007/12/14Yokohama
Shadow WX [4]2008/05/04Saitama
Yuko Miyamoto 2008/12/19 Yokohama
Ryuji Ito [4] 2010/05/04 Yokohama
Abdullah Kobayashi [2] 2011/12/18 Yokohama
Shuji Ishikawa 2013/01/02 Tokyo
Isami Kodaka 2013/11/04 Yokohama
Ryuji Ito [5] 2014/05/25 Nagoya
Yuko Miyamoto [2] 2014/06/15 Hiroshima

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