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Queen of ARSION

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Mariko Yoshida 98/12/18 Tokyo
Zion '98 tournament winner Yoshida defeats Ars '98 tournament winner Candy Okutsu to become the first champion.
Aja Kong 99/08/06 Tokyo
Ayako Hamada 00/12/03 Tokyo
Lioness Asuka 01/11/25 Chiba
Michiko Ohmukai 02/05/11 Tokyo
Vacates on 03/02/11 upon leaving promotion.
Mariko Yoshida [2] 03/04/29 Tokyo
Defeats Rie Tamada in a 7-way match final.
Mima Shimoda 03/06/22 Tokyo
Mariko Yoshida [3] 03/08/24 Tokyo
Wins an elimination tag team match teaming with Rie Tamada, AKINO, & Ai Fujita agaist Shimoda, Yumiko Hotta, Sachie Abe, & Mirai; Yoshida abandones the title after the match; promotion closes in 2003/06

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