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GAORA Television Title

(as of 2015/08/16)

Seiya Sanada 2012/10/07 Tokyo
Defeats Yasufumi Nakanoueno in 8-man tournament final to become the first champion.
René Duprée 2013/05/27 Shediac, NB
Vacates on 13/08/10.
SUSHI 2013/11/24 Nagano
Defeats Keisuke Ishii in 4-man tournament final.
Kotaro Suzuki 2014/05/17 Yokohama
KENSO (Kenzo Suzuki) 2014/12/14 Tokyo
SUSHI [2] 2015/06/04 Tokyo
Vacates on 15/08/16 due to the jaw injury from the match on previous day.
Yohei Nakajima 2015/08/16 Kobe
Defeats Billy Ken Kid.