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Pro-Wrestling Title Histories

Contents are updated whenever new information is received.

I had always been into the wrestling title histories since I was a grade school kid. However, when I was in the seventh grade, I found this book, Puroresu Super Title Sen (on the left) by Masaru Ohta at a store, and my passion grew even bigger. It was a very small book, about 3 3/4" x 5", and had 250 pages. The book included the lineages of the world heavyweight titles from NWA (the "official" one), AWA, WWF, UWA (Mexico), and WWA (L.A.) plus other major singles titles such as Intercontinental and Missouri and world tag team titles from AWA and WWF. Of course, all the Japanese titles were included as well as the tables of the round-robin tournaments that took place in Japan. This book is where it all started, and I still have it since 1983!

Wrestling Title HistoriesThen, in the early 1990s, I had the first on-line encounter with a great wrestling historian, Gary Will in the rec.sport.pro-wrestling newsgroup. Gary and Royal Duncan had published the first edition of the world-famous Wrestling Title Histories by then. Around the same time, I started my "Puroresu Dojo" which included the title history section. The book became the main source for the section, thanks to the permission from Gary himself to use the contents, and the section grew so big that I started another website: Wrestling-Titles.com. Regardless, this book had a lot more championship lineages that this website ever will. Unfortunately, the book, which I believe should be in any major library in the English-speaking countries, is no longer available in printed format.

I would like to thank Mr. Ohta, Gary, and Royal for these books that changed my life and these people for helping me to update this website.

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