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Last updated on 2014/10/06

India Title

Kikkar Singh1886< 
Ghulam Pahelwan (Ghulam Mohammad) 1886 Jammu
Vacant in 1901 when Ghulam passes away.
Kalloo (Ahmed Baksh)1901 
Ghulam's brother, claims the title; may trade the title with Kikkar Singh on multiple occasions.
Karim Bakhsh Pelra1901 
Kalloo [2]1906Calcutta
Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala 1908<  
Gama Pahlwan / The Great Gama 1909  
Claims the World Title after 10/09/17; also wins the rematch against Rahim Baksh Sultaniwala in 10/12 in Allahabad.
Imam Bakhsh 1918  
Gama awards the title to his younger brother upon "unofficial" retirement.
Goonga Pahalwan 1924  
Imam Bakhsh [2] 1935  
Hamida Pahalwan 1936  
Defeats Goonga Pahalwan.

Mehar Din Pahalwan    
Sometime after 47.
Dara Singh # 1955/10<  
Billed as champion during a tour in Japan.

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