possible updates to Hawaii titles..

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possible updates to Hawaii titles..

Post by cman73 » 2017/08/25 Fri 6:59 pm

According to my listings, Rick Martel won the North American title on 3/8/78 in Honolulu. On 3/5 he wrestled in a six-man tag match with Bill and Ed Francis against Tor Kamata, Rocky Tomayo and Steve Strong.

For the Pacific International Title, I have the Tor Kamata title switch on 1/10/79 in Pearl Harbor at the Bloch Arena. On 2/27/79, I have Kamata wrestling Ripper Collins.

For the Hawaiian Title, Buddy Rose defeated George Wells on 5/24/78 in Honolulu, on 5/28, they were in Maui.

I have Tor Kamata defeating Don Muraco for the title on 8/9/78 in Honolulu

I don't think Hans Schroeder won the title on 3/5/79. I only see him in my listings starting in December 79. I have Don Muraco winning the title on 3/7/79, either in Honolulu or Pearl Harbor. Then, the last listing I have for Muraco during that time is 3/21/79 vs Kevin Von Erich. He leaves, and the title is vacant.

I then have Ripper Collins winning the title from Siva Afi on 9/19/79 in Honolulu. Then on 12/19/79, in Honoulul, I have Peter Maivia winning the title from Ripper Collins.

Then on 3/26/80, Tama Tonga (Haku, Meng, etc) won the title from Hans Schroeder.

Not sure when Wildman Austin won the belt, I only have a couple of listings for July 1980, and he's wrestling Siva Afi and Bob Backlund.

But, on 10/15/80, I have Tor Kamata beating Wildman Austin for the title in Honoulu.

For the Hawaiian Tag Team Title, I have Tor Kamata and Chris Markoff winning the belts on 1/25/78, in Honolulu.

Not really sure on the rest. In my listings for 1979, the last time Mando Guerrero and Tama Samoa team up was on 2/21/79. So, it's possible Ripper Collins and Whipper Watson, Jr. won the titles, or awarded in late February early March. Then, I have a possible title change on 3/14/79 or 3/28/79, with Tama Samoa and Ati Tago beating Collins and Watson in Honolulu. Sometime in April or May 1979, both Ati Tago and Tama Samoa leave Hawaii. There was a tag team tournament on 4/18/79 in Honolulu, where the Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) defeated Ati Tago and Tama Samoa, but the results say it's for the "Pacific Tag Team Tournament 1979", so, not sure if there was a title change.

In 1980, according to an advertisement for a card on 1/23/80 in Honoulu, it lists Ati Tago and Tama Tonga as Hawaiian Tag Team Champs, but that's the only time the title is mentioned.

Also on 1/23/80, the ad lists Pat Patterson as the Pacific International Champ.

For the Polynesian Title, I have an ad that Siva Afi is the champ on 6/25/80. According the listings I have, Don Muraco could have won the title either on 9/10/80 or 9/17/80, in Honolulu.

I have an ad for 2/18/81 in Pearl Harbor that has a match featuring Ripper Collins vs Don Muraco for the Polynesian title, but doesn't say who the champ is, but I think it's still Muraco, as Muraco states "Collins stole the belt from me, and I'm going to get it back tonight". However, I think Collins won the title, as on 3/25/81, the ad I have has Ripper Collins as Polynesian Champion.

On 5/20/81, an ad I have for Honolulu has The White Angel vs Gil Hayes for both the Polynesian and Hawaiian titles. Though, it doesn't list who the champ is. I think it's Gil Hayes, but don't have a listing on when he won it.

For the Polynesian Tag Team Titles, on 9/24/80 Ripper Collins and Samoan Sakalia won the vacant titles in Pearl Harbor, as the listing says it's at the Bloch Arena.

At the start of 1981, I have Ripper Collins and Samoan Sakalia as the champs. Though, on 1/28/81 in Pearl Harbor, I have Ripper Collins and Man Friday vs The Super Samoans for the Polynesian Tag Titles, but not sure who the champs are. Maybe for the vacant title, since Collins and Sakalia split?

The Super Samoans may have won the belts then, as on 4/15/81 in Honolulu, I have Hiro Sasaki and Masanobu Kurisu vs The Super Samoans for the Polynesian Tag Titles. Sasaki and Kurisu may have won the titles there.

On 5/20/81, Ripper Colins and Big Bad Mike d. Hiro Sasaki and Roy Starr (subbing for Masanobu Kurisu) won the Polynesian Tag Titles. The show is on youtube, and has the highlights of the title change (Polynesian ChampionshipWrestling 1981).

I don't have anymore listings after that, until 10/28/81, in Palama, HI (suburb on Honolulu), where the tournament finals of the Polynesian Tag Team Titles where taking place. So, they were vacant at some point in 81.

I only have a couple of listings for 1982, but doesn't mention anything about the Polynesian Titles.

Sorry for the long winded post. Something I'd been meaning to do for a while.

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Re: possible updates to Hawaii titles..

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2017/09/08 Fri 8:20 am

Thanks for the information on Southwest and Hawaii. Very helpful.

I did some quick researches last night and replied to your post, but somehow, my reply got deleted.

In fact, I listed several things that I found out, but they are gone too. :(

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