Primo Carnera in Germany

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Primo Carnera in Germany

Post by Ronald » 2013/04/20 Sat 12:32 pm

In the 1950s former Boxing Superstar and professional wrestler Primo Carnera came to germany.

17.09.1951 - Berlin
Primo Carnera drew Hans Schwarz Jr.

20.09.1951 - Berlin
Primo Carnera NC Kurt Zehe

18.09.1957 - Berlin
Primo Carnera def. Felix Miquet

19.09.1957 - Berlin
Primo Carnera def. Conrad "Conny" Fey

20.09.1957 - Berlin
Primo Carnera def. Richard Grupe

Grupe was a former boxer and turned to wrestling in the early 1950s.

Wrestling Debut of Primo Carnera:
Carnera made his debut as professional wrestler 1941 in Italy against Nino d'Arnoldi.

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