title switches in New Zealand/Singapore

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title switches in New Zealand/Singapore

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2010/04/27 Tue 2:20 am

I found this info that Libnan Ayoub, a historian in Australia, sent to another great historian Steve Yohe:
I have been working on a ongoing book project about the various Titles and the belts that the wrestlers wore.

I have found new information regarding the NWA World Title switch in New Zealand and Singapore. Here are the correct details:

March 20, 1984. Wellington, NZ (NOT MARCH 21)
Harley Race def Ric Flair, WON NWA TITLE

March 25, 1984. Singapore (NOT MARCH 23 AND NOT IN KALLANG)
Ric Flair def Harley Race, FLAIR DEFENDED THE TITLE

In Wellington, The promoter Steve Rickard made a deal with Harley Race or vice versa to do the switch. Flair went ahead with the switch and thought that it had been approved by the NWA Board.

While in Singapore, they had been promoting Flair as the champion and spending a lot of money on posters, advertising and TV promos of the forthcoming match. They could not bring Race in as Champion after building Flair up, so they gave the belt back to Flair and he defended it.
Here's another one:
I have finally straightened out the this unrecognised Title switch, thanks also to Koji, who sent me the translated article from the Japanese Gong magazine in 1984.

20.03.1984 Wellington,NZ Race def (c) Flair, WON NWA TITLE, (Flair claimed a "fast count" and lodged an appeal. Paul Boesch, who was ringside, relayed this message back to Jim Crockett Jr in Charlotte, NC

21.03.1984 Auckland,NZ Race def Flair, (non title, race wore the NWA belt)

22.03.1984. It was announced by the NWA that Flair was still the Champion

25.03.1984 Singapore (c) Flair def Race, NWA Title Defence

The belt was "held up" in Wellington pending the decision from the NWA board. Race wore the belt in Auckland, still awaiting the decision.
The question is do we give race his 8th Title reign or not? With this evidence, I cannot give the Title change to Race.
Would like to know all your opinions on this.

In fact, I also received the magazine article from someone in Japan almost ten years ago. However, I didn't take it seriously only because Japanese wrestling magazines are "kayfabed"...even to this day. Besides, as far as I know, it was the only article that mentioned the title switch being unrecognized. Other Japanese books listed those two changes as legit.

Anyway, I revised the NWA World Heavyweight Title history on this web site.

Thanks always to Lib and Steve for their researches!


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