[results] E. Texas 1964/01

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[results] E. Texas 1964/01

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2009/05/21 Thu 12:24 pm

Posted on KM:

Friday, January 3, 1964 - Ft. Worth, TX
Danny Hodge vs. Danny McShane
Joe Blanchard vs. Tokyo Tom
John Paul Henning vs. Don Jardine
Ray Gordon vs. The Mad Monk
Ted Evans vs. Pepe Gonzales

Tuesday, January 7, 1964 - Dallas, TX
Danny Hodge W Mark Starr
Tokyo Tom W Danny McShane
Joe Blanchard W The Mad Monk
Lou Thesz W John Paul Henning

Wednesday, January 8, 1964 San Antonio, TX - Wrestlethon
Referee Dick Raines
NWA Champion Lou Thesz beat Joe Blanchard 2/3
Danny McShain beat Juan Patino
John Paul Henning drew Ray Gordon 20:00
Tiger Conway beat Sonny Cooper dq
Johnny Ramirez beat Pepe Gonzales

Thursday, January 9, 1964 - Austin, TX
Lou Thesz W Danny Hodge

Friday, January 10, 1964 - Houston, TX
Lou Thesz W Joe Blanchard

Sunday, January 12, 1964 - Houston, TX
The Mad Monk W Pedro Patino

Monday, January 13, 1964 - Ft. Worth, TX
Joe Blanchard W Tokyo Tom
Danny Hodge W Mad Monk
Ray Gordon W Johnny Ramirez
John Paul Henning W DeVince Carty
Don Jardine W Nick Spillios

Tuesday, January 14, 1964 - Dallas, TX
Tokyo Tom W John Paul Henning
Danny Hodge W Don Jardine
Ray Gordon D The Mad Monk
Joe Blanchard W Johnny Ramirez
Pedro Patino W Tiger Conway

Wednesday, January 15, 1964 San Antonio, TX - Wrestlethon
Danny McShain beat Juan Patino 2/3
Don Jardine beat Benny Matta
Joe Blanchard beat Mark Starr
John Paul Henning beat Johnny Ramirez via pin
Pepe Gonzales drew Bob Boyer 20:00

Friday, January 17, 1964 -
Joe Blanchard W Danny McShane
Tokyo Tom W Bull Curry
Don Jardine W John Ramirez
The Mad Monk W Pepe Gonzales
Pedro Patino W Mark Starr

Tuesday, January 21, 1964 - Dallas, TX
Bull Curry W Mr. Moto
John Paul Henning NC Tokyo Tom
Don Jardine W Bob Boyer
Pedro Patino W Mark Starr
Ray Gordon D Oki Kintaro
Tarzan Tyler W-DQ Joe Blanchard

Wednesday, January 22, 1964 San Antonio, TX - Wrestlethon
Danny McShain beat Mr Moto 2/3
Joe Blanchard beat Kintaro Oki
Don Jardine beat John Paul Henning dq
Tarzan Tyler beat Johnny Ramirez
Juan Patino beat Pepe Gonzalez

Tuesday, January 28, 1964 - Dallas, TX
Bull Curry W Mark Lewin
Tokyo Tom NC Tarzan Tyler
Joe Blanchard & John Paul Henning D Jack Donovan & Don Jardine
Ray Gordon W Johnny Ramirez
Frank Marconi W Bob Boyer

Wednesday, January 29, 1964 San Antonio, TX - Wrestlethon
Tarzan Tyler beat Joe Blanchard when Blanchard was bleeding to badly to start the 3rd fall
John Paul Henning beat Danny McShain
Don Jardine beat Ray Gordon
Juan Patino beat Pepe Gonzales
Frank Marconi beat Mark Starr

Thursday, January 30, 1964 Corpus Christi, TX - Town Hall Arena
Pussycat Pickins vs Tokyo Tom
Mark Lewin vs John Paul Henning
Stu Gibson vs Ray Gordon
Bob Boyer vs Pepe Gonzales

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