"Earthquake" Big John Tenta (1963 - 2006)

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"Earthquake" Big John Tenta (1963 - 2006)

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2006/06/07 Wed 5:42 pm

John Tenta passed away this morning at the age of 42.

Tenta entered the world of professional sumo as probably the first caucasian pro rikishi ever. However, he had a hard time adopting the culture of sumo and eventually quit. Then, he joined All Japan Pro-Wrestling, where he was trained by the legends such as Giant Baba, Jumbo Tsuruta, and the Great Kabuki, to become a pro-wrestler.

Later, he joined WWF, where he had the biggest success in his career under the name of "Earthquake".

He had been battling with the cancer for past few years.


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