RIP - Johnny Grunge

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RIP - Johnny Grunge

Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2006/02/16 Thu 4:11 pm

Wrestling Observer wrote:Mike "Johnny Grunge" Durham was pronounced dead on arrival at an Atlanta area hospital this morning.

The only available details were he was at a friend's house in Peachtree City, GA, and was gasping for air and rushed to the hospital. The preliminary diagnosis from the hospital is that it was said to have to do with complications from sleep apnea.

Grunge and the late Rocco Rock (Ted Petty), as the tag team of Public Enemy, were the first major stars created by ECW in a program against The Funk Brothers. They became ECW's most popular act, to the point they were subject to a bidding war of sorts between WCW and WWF. However, taken out of the ECW environment, they weren't as successful.

Grunge, whose age is believed to be 39, was said by friends to have never been the same since Petty's death.
During the one and only convention in Philly, our chartered bus stopped before going up on the hill where the venue of the card was on. Grunge and Rocco were riding a truck, carrying the ring to the venue, stopped and talked to us for few minutes. It was nice of them.

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