Note From Inoki vs. Dory

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Note From Inoki vs. Dory

Post by Tradewynd » 2005/01/09 Sun 11:50 am

Sadly, my tape doesn't have the date of the match, but it was 2/3 falls for the NWA Title if that helps. At one point in the match Inoki rolls out of the ring. Terry Funk runs up to him and screams "You coward! You coward! Get your *** back in the ring you egg sucking dog!" The announcer translated this as "Please hurry back to the ring, Mr. Inoki," which to me doesn't really have the same ring to it. Yes, Japanese is a more polite language than English, but come on. If you did that today we'd call it an attempt to bury the Funker. Nothing says crazy foreign heel like politely asking someone to return to the ring. He was supposed to be heel too, since Dory was cheating at every opportunity.

In the second fall there was some booing during an Inoki comeback, which I didn't understand. If anyone happens to know what caused the booing (which I am not getting my hopes up for), that would be great.
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