NWA Meeting in 1967

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NWA Meeting in 1967

Post by Dan Poutsma » 2003/09/07 Sun 5:35 pm

I lifted this from the "Letters to Jack Pfefer from Bobby Bruns" thread from the Old School Hodge Podge section of Kayfabe Memories. In one of the letters, postmarked 10-16-67, it gives a list of guys who attended what was apparently the annual pow-wow in Las Vegas. They are as follows:

Willie Gilzenburg, Toots Mondt, Vince McMahon, Fred Ward, Ray Gunkel, Paul Jones, Jim Crockett, George Becker, Jules Strongbow, Hardy Kruscamp, Sam Muchnick, Gus Karras, Dory Funk, Bob Geigel, Wally Karbo, George Simpson, Pinkie George, Roy Welch, Ed Graham, Harry Elliott, Al Lovelock, Anton Leone, Bobby Bruns, Pat O'Connor, Fritz Von Erich, Mike London, LeRoy McGuirk, Bob Clay, Salvador Lutteroth, Kokichi Endo, and The Great Tojo.

It's intersting to note the WWWF presence of Gilzenburg, Mondt, and McMahon as well as the AWA presence of Wally Karbo. Also, it's interesting to see Pinkie George's name on this list since he had been blackballed by the NWA a few years before this and had actually filed suit against them. In addition, Anton Leone was another individual who had problems with the Alliance at one time and was blacklisted by them. In fact, here's a little something he wrote to Sam Muchnick about ten years prior, which I lifted from yet another thread on KM about the Justice Department's investigation of the NWA back in the '50s.

"I fervently pray that sickness, poverty, and disease descends upon all of the National Wrestling Alliance, and I wish that every contract and gutless wrestler that made you bums possible will meet the same fate. May the increasing days bring sorrow, misery, pain, and abject slavery to all of you. I call upon *** to place this curse on each of you for every dollar that was stolen from me and my family."

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