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Post by Luds » 2003/03/07 Fri 8:57 am

For sure... Carpentier was a fantastic wrestler... I've seen tapes from I guess the 50's or 60's that he was on... He wrestled all the greats... I'd love to see more...
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Post by RoaringElbow25 » 2003/03/07 Fri 10:04 am

I am a huge Randy Savage mark and all, and its not even that big of deal, and I dont mean any disrespect by this, but I coulda swore one of Hisas rules when creating a Posting name for this board was it cant just be the name of a wrestler? I cant gte to the register site again so maybe it changed since i registered but I thought it used to say that right on the register rules page or something, and I know randy_savage isnt the only one to do it but Im just saying
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Post by edgehead1984 » 2003/03/07 Fri 10:04 am

I have seen a tape of a match between Carpentier and Killer Kowalski dating from round 1958, perhaps the Boston world Heavyweight title change.

He was a great wrestler and very acrobatic.
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Post by Hisaharu Tanabe » 2003/03/07 Fri 12:13 pm

Thank you, RoaringElbow25.

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